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Grace Church

Grace Church is a Hispanic church plant that meets on our grounds. Led by Pastor Jerry Zapata, Grace does amazing work in the surrounding community for the rather large hispanic population in North Charleston. Not only do they impact hispanic peoples, but they work to impact all people and be the church that Jesus commanded in Matthew 28. They are truly a “Church on Mission”.


Grace holds its services in the recreational building located at the back of the property, behind the main church buildings.

Service times:

Sunday worship: 11 am - Sunday evening service: 6pm - Youth service: Friday at 5pm

For more information please locate our contact page and submit a form.

WMU: Women’s Mission Union

The WMU here at Portside is a vital ministry that does amazing mission work. This is an open group for all women who have a heart for missions. The WMU is responsible for missions giving projects like the Janie Chapman offering, the Lottie Moon, and the Annie Armstrong Easter offering. Each of these giving opportunities are organizations that fund local and abroad missions. The WMU groups will also support local ministries or organizations like orphanages, schools, nursing homes, and food banks.

All WMU groups meet on the first Tuesday after the second Sunday of each month. There are two groups that can fit your schedule:

  • Saunders/Hucks group: 10:00am in the church conference room

  • Franks/Lawton group: 6:00pm in the fellowship hall.

For more information on the WMU please locate our contact page and submit a form or visit the wmu official website: www.wmu.com



Local & Abroad Missions Opportunities

Portside Baptist Church is committed to participating and supporting missions of many kinds. The evangelization of our city, our state, our nation, and the world is a foundational duty of our church. Every year we give to multiple local and abroad missions organizations to further the advancement of the Kingdom of God. We as a church also have a history of missions and church planting and we plan on keeping that apart of our DNA as long as we are on this earth.

We are always working to build positive missions partners here in Charleston and all over the world. Our efforts in building these partnerships are so we as a church can participate in missions, give to mission groups or organizations, or to fund long term missionaries.

For more information on local and abroad missions opportunities please check our church calendar or locate our contact page and submit a form.