Portside Baptist Church

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Sunday Services

11am & 6pm

Sunday Morning:

Sunday School: 9:30 am - Various class rooms and demographics

Main worship service: 11:00 am - Main sanctuary

Sunday Evening:

Night service: 6:00 pm - Fellowship Hall


Prayer Service: 6:30 pm - Fellowship Hall

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We as a church believe in the concept of biblical church membership. We believe God’s desire for you is for you to be a committed Christ follower along with other Christ followers. This is formally known as Church membership. Church membership is simply a way to further commit to the local church, surround yourself with other disciples of Jesus, and display to the world that you represent Jesus.

Membership Process:

  1. Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ as the living Son of God.

  2. Pastoral meeting: This will be a time for you to get to know our leadership and for our leadership to get to know you. The time spent will be mainly used to discuss the conversion experience and the gospel. The meeting will conclude with prayer over the new believer and a scheduled public baptism.

  3. Public baptism: This will be a time when the new believer can publicly profess their faith in Jesus.

  4. Church Vote: The Church as a whole will vote on the new believer if she or he will join their fellowship.

  5. Membership Class: The class will have four sessions and could last up to an hour each. These classes can be taken and completed at the earliest convenience of the new believer.

    1. Is Church Membership Really in the Bible?

    2. Now That We Know, What Are We Supposed To Do?

    3. Does This Really Help Us?

    4. Portside: The Ins and Outs.

1-On-1 Discipleship

If you are looking for deeper community or a way to dive deeper into God’s word, Portside has some amazing seasoned Christians that would love to meet with you! Jesus displayed a small group discipleship style with his disciples and we practice that same model here. Feel free to ask one of our church leaders about how you can be discipled.

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We have so many opportunities for you to begin serving our church today! The body only functions when all the parts are working together in unison. Please talk to one of our church leaders on how you can best contribute to this fellowship.

Areas to Serve:

  • Welcome or Greeting teams

  • Children’s Ministry

  • Youth Ministry

  • Music Ministry

  • Sound booth/Media

  • Building and Grounds

For more information locate our contact page and submit a form